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They said move over...make a space cadet! ...have you not seen? ...have you not ventured yet? ..oi oi...are you saying there's no room for me? Cos it's a lie..tis plain to see there is plenty....are you just being greedy? Wanting to tax the thoughts... The moments...the air we breath? Wondering why the hugest sighs not of relief? (kerry)
ever considered the conspiracy theorists might have got it wrong and the news might be telling us the truth? just a thought. still looks pretty bad. worse even, if there isn't an elite with some sort of coherent plan for humanity, good or bad. Maybe it is actually chaos out there? Maybe the stupidity theorists had it right all along? the most intelligent species in the universe is about to kill itself and life on the planet because of some minor ideological problems and some major personal interests? just a thought... imagine if democracy DID actually represent the will of the people, and its all our fault?? naah, i prefer the conspiracy theories - "the revolution would happen of its own accord if only everyone was a bit less crap" (clown army bob)

new playlist r.e. galloway for mayor campaign, rebel london gig one last weekend on plus reclaim the powr still organising at the hive dalston i believe.... reclaim love 6pm tomorrow sunday 14th valentines day at eros picadilly london, 13th anniversary of the 15th of february 2003 the largest protest in humanities history against the iraq war and Mudge, the boss of said he was gonna do 1000 days a tune a day and calculated back 1000 days from the 23rd of november 2018 - armistice day - the projected date for world peace - mad i know - anyway so i thought id have a go, a tune a day for 1000 days - except i know hes got well over 1000 tunes already cos all the post 911 anti war music went to him he's got public enemy ani defranco routes manouvre miss dynamite janes addiction alsorts, im gonna produce new, every day, just for fun - world peace 23rd november 2018 - you heard it here first (gotta check that date again)

"if american leftists start looking outside their borders geopolitically they become colonialists imposing their idea of whats right outside america, even if just intellectually, it is intellectual imperialism even if it is left wing - russia failed because it attempted imperialism, never shook off the mindset - communist imperialism - contradiction in terms that nevertheless has been an existent fact historically.

Presidential election imminent important issue, for america and the world, notwithstanding all the standard cynicisms about "powers behind the throne" higher systemic issues and lesser of two evils, two party system and its all a puppet show anyway - it is important and i like the showdown, trump says what he thinks, bernie says what he thinks, if democrats dont pick bernie america might vote trump just cos hes more straight shooting and hilary's too political family political machine and they might be right....

"think global act local"...

the current "new world order" - economically is reagonomic thatcherism when britain and america went right wing together - thats when it was set up, fiat, peristroika, game theory, futures, economically - if america and britain went old school pre-marxist left like "labour" not even "socialist" which is also pre-marxist a new global consensus could be reached america first britain following canada already there and under those circumstances australia is gauranteed to follow suit "Oceania" Orwell's 1984 said is north america, airstrip one and airstrip two, airstrip one is britain who's name is long forgotten and airstrip two is australia - new left wing consensus reformist non-violent democratic revolutionary -

i am a small c conservative and i am only supporting a marxist likre george galloway for mayor of london because i am stop the war coalkition and so is he and so is jeremy corbyn who we have to defeat rupert murdoch to get elected and that is really the last chance for the left for he will be 70 at the 2020 election and everything after thaty will be tony blair new 3rd way fake socialism

- leftist consensus in oceania required to swing the world back to the centre for it has been veering right a long time, since peristroika, and very badly recently, you can even get a conservative, a true conservative to agree with that - "that government is best which governs less" - "but if you're talking 'bout destruction, don't you know that you can count me out, talking 'bout a revolution"

dont let ideology and single issue personal integrity cause america to be run by trump i think, would be good advice for an american marxist or black power movement person

the french riots meant the natural socialists voted for the right wing sarkozy as the immigrant situation may well swing germany and indeed europe right wing

we have to swing britain left whether you lot flop it with bernie or not

or the world is doomed




there's no such thing as darkness

darkness is only the absence of light

there's no such thing as evil

nothing is wrong and there's plenty that's right

but sometimes there's a lack of light

sometimes there's a lack of inspiration

sometime's there's a lack of knowledge

sometime's there's some twisted information

but sometime's it get's so dark

the old metaphors start to ring true

sometimes it can feel like evil

is standing right infront of you

but there is no such thing as darkness

darkness is only the absence of light

there's no such thing as evil

nothing is wrong and there's plenty that's right

see these days i'm thinking jedi

if you like i'll tell you why

because i can come to that like the child in me

how can i do that with christianity?

when there's so much blood in our history

and when the good people of muhyaddin ibn arabi

do invite me to join their sufi society

they tell me their poet is calling me

they say i should learn arabic i'd find it easy

i do decline politely respectfully

i have no time i'm still trying to learn general relativity


i'm a follower of yashua the nazarene

dont say christian i dont know what it mean

im a protestant in the land of the queen

protesting against the popes crazy machine

but nuff respect to the catholic still

we a love enuff irish so take a chill pill

see me back in the 13th century

back then we used to call a jedi man sufi

and none of you fool did a ever know me

they call me a jew when im in a saudi

israel accused me of christianity

they never did get my philosophy

some call me a muslim in this country

cos theres no surrender but for the almighty

but alekum salaam you never heard from me

not even when a muslim brother being lovely

and says salaam alekum and hes a nice guy

so may the force be with you is my reply

see these days mes a new age jedi

listen if you like and i'll tell you why

shalom inshallah

-etc. come the revolution come

white person fully on the stupid end of the black power movement a bit like the black lives matter woman leader claiming to be black who turned out to be white, this shit is just getting generally annoying now and for various personal reasons a movement that is appearing more and more stupid to me after having been quite, impressed, scared, supportive, morally convinced at various previous times i am now joining in with the "oh just shut up" crowd, embarassingly, maybe i'm turning into a conservative in my old age

all this "anthony self identifies as gender nuetral" claptrap and the claimed virtue off it and the self rightous deluded stupidity is just getting a bit on top now, might actually cause a real race war too

 - how about this, i don't care what you self identify as, i identify you as a human, and dont try identify me as "a white man" if you're a racist who is assuming that gives you sneering rights cos i "self identify as" a human too - ok? and what fucking idiot school of pseudo intellectual pretend scientificist school of bullshit sociology does the phrase "i self identify as" come from? i mean? tell me what you self identify as i'll identify you as a psuedo intellectual, ok, just from your use of that phrase, wtf

her frontpage, just clicked it, worked out it's a woman, an american white woman, has the following truly hilarious piece on it, dont know what to make of it

Dear Muslim Brother,

As I passed by you earlier today, you spat out astaghfirullah (I seek refuge from God) with the ferocity of a Muslamic MC, simultaneously shaking your head from side to side like the dog in that Churchill advert.

Why may I ask, did you do this?

I find your use of terminology, to put it lightly, very puzzling; puzzling like why DavidCameron won the 2015 General Election, or puzzling like why Zayn Malik left One Direction?

Are my sartorial choices that un-Islamic to you that you seek redemption from God on mybehalf?

Perhaps there was something wrong with the physical aesthetic of my hijab.

Did I violate the unofficial code of conduct for Acceptable Hijab Wrapping Standards (2015) by wrapping my hijab around my head ancient Egyptian mummy style?

Were there too many pins stuck in my head, so that I resembled a walking pin cushion, or worse, a voodoo doll?

Maybe it was the Iranian hijab style I adopt, which makes me look rather like a femalereincarnation of Elvis Presley wearing a hijab, what with my hair jutting out like a quiff at thefront?

I flatter myself, but perhaps the sight of my beauty was so spell binding, so breathtaking,that you were attempting to dispel lustful ergo totes haraam thoughts that erupted into your mind?

But a word of sisterly advice if I may, my dear Brother.

If your intention was to compliment my beauty, why on earth did you useastaghfirullah?

There are many Muslamic alternatives for you to incorporate into your vocabulary, if you want to win the heart of a lady with religious rhetoric.

Instead of astaghfirullah, why not subhanallah (glory be to God), inshallah (God willing), or better yet, mashallaaaaaaaaah (God willed it)?

It is a fact universally acknowledged that every Muslim woman has received at least one elongated mashallaaaaaah from a cat-calling Brother during her lifetime, but alas! Therehas been little evidence to suggest such interactions have blossomed into fruitfulHollywoodesque romance.

But believe me when I say that unless you want a woman to think you are a senior member of the Haraam (Forbidden) Police, mashallah is a far superior alternative to astaghfirullah.

Yes, I know. Society likes to portray us Muslims as one giant convent of medieval monks and nuns, spending our lives separated from the opposite sex as if they were the bubonic plague. The fact that Muslim’s are equally culpable of this makes you feel as if romantic eloquence of the tongue can only be acquired through what you perceive to be the ‘halal’ pickup line that isastaghfirullah.

But to quote something a wise Shaykha by the name of Taylor Swift once said, “Hatersgonna hate.”

Muslims are and certainly can be just as romantic as anyone else.Sure, we might not have Muslim equivalents of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starring in romantic comedies such as ‘Sleepless in the Masjid’, to guide us through our tumultuous romantic lives.

But if anything, the vast number of halal pickup lines we 21st century Muslims have created,such as: “I want my children’s jannah to be under your feet”, is testament to our romantic prowess.

And if you think bestowing mashallah upon a woman is sinful, fear not. As my mother likes to say, there’s nothing wrong with admiring God’s creation, right?

You don’t have to be a Muslim Shakespeare to capture the heart of the ladies, my dear Brother. Nor do you have to be a Haraam Police, astaghfirullah-spitting individual.

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on Cupid to prick people with love arrows because (let’s face it), that would be totes haraam.

With the holy trinity of subhanallah, inshallah, and most especially,mashallaaaaaaah at your disposal, how can you possibly go wrong?

So the next time you want to drop an astaghfirullah on a sister, just remember, that won’t make you her Mister…

Best Wishes,

Elvis Presley Hijabi


strawman shit

my comm

what is this information for? to free us from corporate slavery and oppose fractional reserve lending or to help petty criminals get away with it and generally annoy the police? the people producing the information have the feeling of uk revolutionaries but the strawman on the market remains unchallenged by these mini run ins with police as far as i can see as dave soldier used to say to the anarchists, "until you can police yourselves you need police" the deepness and simplicity of common law very useful to a revolutionary in a common law country and a principled opposition to new law that doesn't fit with common law character would be a useful revolutionary act in britain america and australia - this to me is more about things like declaring the 3000 laws tony blair made in 10 years unlawful, just from the quantity, never mind the specifics, removal of habeous corpus right to trial by jury double jeopardy and loads more - it would be much more worth watching that than all this focus on minor encounters with police over nothing, save up those challenges for a genuine revolutionary moment, get everyone being an arse with it to the police all the time and the only result is that at the crucial revolutionary moment when this info might actually be useful it will be nullified cos the po po will have heard it all before by minor crims taking the piss with it and if it becomes a problem to them the government will just rewrite the laws and code, which so far have left us with some quite nice easy police in comparison to other countries, in my opinion it's not about the police, it's about protecting common law, it's about corporate control and corporations having rights as persons, its about being a stockmarket tax commodity its about corporate domination of government and environmental destruction, its about stockbrokers wanting war with iraq cos if saddam burns oil wells there'll be a spike in oil prices they can cash in, its about their influence over the government being greater than ours - that 2 million people saying we dont want a war on islam cos we dont want increased racism bloodshed environmental catastrophe race war religious war being defeated by 20 people going, yeah but i can make a house price worth of money in one weekend if we go to war so we go to war if its playing roger the dodger with the police anyway there aint no good info here nothing like experience my family was all second hand car dealers and we were the ultimate dodgers and you lot don't really know how to do it and i aint giving away trade secrets´╗┐

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