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there's no such thing as darkness

darkness is only the absence of light

there's no such thing as evil

nothing is wrong and there's plenty that's right

but sometimes there's a lack of light

sometimes there's a lack of inspiration

sometime's there's a lack of knowledge

sometime's there's some twisted information

but sometime's it get's so dark

the old metaphors start to ring true

sometimes it can feel like evil

is standing right infront of you

but there is no such thing as darkness

darkness is only the absence of light

there's no such thing as evil

nothing is wrong and there's plenty that's right

see these days i'm thinking jedi

if you like i'll tell you why

because i can come to that like the child in me

how can i do that with christianity?

when there's so much blood in our history

and when the good people of muhyaddin ibn arabi

do invite me to join their sufi society

they tell me their poet is calling me

they say i should learn arabic i'd find it easy

i do decline politely respectfully

i have no time i'm still trying to learn general relativity


i'm a follower of yashua the nazarene

dont say christian i dont know what it mean

im a protestant in the land of the queen

protesting against the popes crazy machine

but nuff respect to the catholic still

we a love enuff irish so take a chill pill

see me back in the 13th century

back then we used to call a jedi man sufi

and none of you fool did a ever know me

they call me a jew when im in a saudi

israel accused me of christianity

they never did get my philosophy

some call me a muslim in this country

cos theres no surrender but for the almighty

but alekum salaam you never heard from me

not even when a muslim brother being lovely

and says salaam alekum and hes a nice guy

so may the force be with you is my reply

see these days mes a new age jedi

listen if you like and i'll tell you why

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shalom inshallah

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ever considered the conspiracy theorists might have got it wrong and the news might be telling us the truth? just a thought. still looks pretty bad. worse even, if there isn't an elite with some sort of coherent plan for humanity, good or bad. Maybe it is actually chaos out there? Maybe the stupidity theorists had it right all along? the most intelligent species in the universe is about to kill itself and life on the planet because of some minor ideological problems and some major personal interests? just a thought... imagine if democracy DID actually represent the will of the people, and its all our fault?? naah, i prefer the conspiracy theories

- "the revolution would happen of its own accord if only everyone was a bit less crap"
(clown army bob, "Bob The Poet", Quaker Bob)