For Jah's sake read whole thing before you 'freak out'. If terms like 'White fragility' makes you feel upset, frustrated, confused, defensive or angry you should read this. Using the word white to describe an element of racial privilege is a way of expressing an idea of systemic racism throughout our society, and is not itself racist. It is not racist to refer to white privilege, it is not sexist to refer to male privilege, if you think otherwise feel free, but don't get all defensive, it make things really awkward. Thanks.

'White fragility' is a defensive response to real conversations about race.
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  • Rob Ward you're gonna make me right wing (you missed a bangin rave saturday) i'm gonna read the whole thing then freak out, i'm only half way through
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  • Rob Ward krieky, had to do a double dake and go back thought i was reading a quoate from diangelo the singer, geez who is she? who's writing this? ok white woman talking about a white woman, still reading....
  • Kieran Kirkwood Don't worry it's not exactly aimed at you, I've had sooo many conversations where people get weirdly defensive.
  • Rob Ward i get that when i try to talk to people about enforced cunnilinugus, i think it is a serious issue, yet strangely tabooo, still reading... i wanna know who told the white princeton graduate to "check his priviledge" - "a classmate" is all we are told, ...See More
  • Rob Ward serious issue mad dog collective
    Me Nah Lick It|By stanley-kosovan
  • Rob Ward we find out the author is "a white person, which is that I lead primarily white audiences in discussions on race every day"
  • Kieran Kirkwood Fair, but are they wrong?
  • Rob Ward omg like only for you kieran can i take a lecture on race from this woman, if i was talkin to her i'm like babes, i play parties where i am the only white person in the venue, this bird dont know shite about squat to be perfectly honest but i promise i will read to the end - still reading
  • Rob Ward not only have i lived and worked in areas where there no english in a square mile radius ive also had bnp fling me out of festies, challenge me after shows like, this girl dont know the hard end of either end of the spectrum i tell you that now, but i'm still reading
  • Rob Ward "white fragility"
  • Rob Ward i really cant take it, it's flippin long and yeah, i'm finding it personally insulting, cos shes calling out white people and im a white person and i feel insulted by it? why do i feel insulted? it must be my "white fragility" which is now a new "meme" and scientifically recognised sounding and i am now "whitesplaining" because i am insecure about my guilt for slavery
  • Rob Ward no, that is not why i am feeling insulted, why do you think i am feeling insulted?
  • Rob Ward and are they wrong about what? that that guy from princeton is a wanker?
  • Rob Ward ok lets go at it scientifically
  • Kieran Kirkwood You know you are the last person this articulate was aimed at, have you ever encountered 'white fragility' (and yes I know the terminology is a bit shite), cos I have, a lot. Remember Rob, you don't really exist in that world where this stuff makes you feel scared and awkward, but lots of people can't handle being told they juuust might not know eeeeverything about race.
  • Rob Ward yeah but i'm a "white person" and this article is aimed at "white people" so it's aimed at me - yeah thankyou, that is an answer, why am i feeling insulted? cos this article is not aimed at me - but the title says it is, the root of racism is generalis...See More
  • Rob Ward this was the exact way you extracted a whole load of "whitesplaining" from your audience on the last one of these i commented on, and in this one you show how little respect you have for their replies, for all their replies were "white fragility" right...See More
  • Kieran Kirkwood In this case, white is being used within the context of privilege, you may be white, but you know this system of imperial colonial bollocks is waaaaack. And therefore I wouldn't exactly put you in the same league as many white-middle class people who have been so aggressive towards me about ANY honest conversation about race, class etc.
  • Rob Ward but because "these moves include, silence, argumentation" - if i reply, it is argumentation, therefore expressing my white fragility and jumpiness about race discussions (which i will confess to) - BUT IF I DONT REPLY it is silence - so i may as well fukkin reply innit cos i got a black power movement perspective to express still
  • Kieran Kirkwood Also what is so wrong about what this article is saying, to me it reminds me of so many real encounters I've had.
  • Rob Ward sorry missed your last reply, colonianism imperialism - my father always taught me gambatista vicao the greatest historian ever said it is an amatuer historians mistake to judge morally of the past using present moraility as if it were an eternal absolute -
  • Kieran Kirkwood You don't need to be personally offended by any of this btw (tone is hard to express on fb this isn't an angry comment)
  • Rob Ward i'm breakin it down bit by bit main thesis "white fragility" - contestation, does the definition of white fragility allow a white person being judged for white fragility to NOT be judged as expressing "white fragility"? if so - how? if not, the thesis is expressingTHAT ALL WHITE PEOPLE are in evidence of this symptom - which way you think it goes?
  • Rob Ward scientifically, i did physics and philosophy at oxford this princeton serf aint upper class to me, and these ladies are academics not ghetto people so i must address the piece on that basis - and getting offended is not an option in that method - but i would like to deal with it seriously if you can take the discussion?
  • Kieran Kirkwood What was immoral then is immoral now (in this context) in my opinion, that's why I have an anti-slavery poster owned by an ancestor of mine in my house from over a century ago.
  • Rob Ward nonsense, homosexuality was immoral a 100 years ago, homophobia is immoral today
  • Kieran Kirkwood "(In this context)"
  • Rob Ward was the ancestor white or black?
  • Kieran Kirkwood And yes I will have a discussion, though this comments thread is getting a bit loong
  • Kieran Kirkwood White I believe
  • Rob Ward
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