Dance For The Trees II.

Mid-Colne Valley Hillingdon and Bucks is now HS2 destruction zone with moorland, lakes and thousands of trees threatened, this includes 2km of the Grand Union Canal. Come and show your love and support for our way of life, for the fishing, boating, recreational grounds, the wildlife in the lakes, rivers and nature reserves, the eco-services from the trees making clean air, water and flood protection.

Please join us along the towpath in Denham Country Park on May 29th and have a fun!

Interesting talks, amazing music performances, off-grid stage, and much more!

#ColneValley #ClimateCamp #TPCC2017
Eszter just finished the base of the new website.. 29th of may (bank holiday monday) the locals and the green party wants us to do a show and and event together with them..
rob: If I can get back and unload in time I could do it
Daniel Gardonyi: we can work something out.. a green party guy will pick up Eszter's solar stage equipment from grow and will take them back.. we'll just need to build a quick stage..
Booyah! #MarchForScience mega event in Washington, this is a short compilation of the 5 hour live broadcast of this unprecendented event right outside the white house
There was 600 science marches this #EarthDay all around the globe! This year is the key to push for change, to clean up our biosphere and create a sustainable future for all! Let's talk about this in a global mesh, having local gatherings of Scientists, Activists, Artists and Green/Sustainable Businesses!
We're already setting the scene in London in the threatened Woodland of #ColneValley near Heathrow Airport.. Let's connect and save life on Earth together!
rob: Cool thanx
rob: OMG u r attracting attention
rob: Not that bad coverage, was expecting them to destroy you. Even got "squatters try to steal huge bag of ganga from drugs raid" story, that one was too much, you lot are sooooo cheeky!