Following the recent disappearance of Robotic925's crucial Singer Oil, rocket-launch to the ISS has been cancelled+employment terminated before even beginning. thearmed909 has thus retired+The Knightly Moon Fuzzy Felt News will remain as the first+only edition ever.
Robotic925 pretty much updated ready for upcoming rocket launch to the ISS+the Knightly Moon Fuzzy Felt News final edit close to completion because at the end of the night it is day+at the end of the day it is night. But is that evE.R. the end of it all?
wisebro: Cool! was that with the van camera obscura
thearmed909: Mobile phone with minimal battery
thearmed909: Crumbs, imagine the magic if captured with the box?!
thearmed909 shoots broken plastic arrow through hole in box she made previously all during the Robotic925 update process in time for SummE.R. R.E.cess+etE.R.nal employment orbiting Common Ground maintaining the IntE.R.national Space Station.
Robotic925 is being rocket-launched to the International Space Station following final updates this week.
wisebro: nice picture. The cranes look like lightning
thearmed909: It's just like a large canvas i made years ago called sewing silver linings.
Been feeling somewhat light-headed recently, effect of solar flares perhaps.
Sliding Doors recorded, produced+mastered. Now for the compilation+packaging.