Just spotted this orb in etc, played for a while then it was gone again
Mother Nature Father Sky. Potential trip to town though going to keep an eye on the clouds blowing by and focus on coffee before deciding direction of being.
rob: Vera
thearmed909: Sat with her now amazing at the wonder.
Which hatch, internal or external?
rob: internal
thearmed909: Hole is 12.4x19.5cm. Metal hatch (unhinged) is 14x21.4cm
rob: Grumpy Ho
thearmed909: I am a bit of a grumpy ho right now as what should be simple tasks are a FFkN pain in the arse.
thearmed909: And phantom handset is now demonic. Gotta laugh.
Housewives in Deptford stocking super-strength Guinness next to Nourishmeals+Super Malt. Makes sense.
rob: Brilliant! More! Loving intro and outro. Old news, new news, fuzzy felt news! Knews the kids is new, clever, ffkn looks a bit like fffuuuccckkiiinng
thearmed909: Simple but challenging pause recording on a broken phatom handset but enjoying it. Spot on last point
rob: Pause recording a winner
thearmed909: Should be ready for an episode soon. Spent hours filing work, hours more to go but getting there
thearmed909: Did you recognize the theme tune?!
rob: No?
thearmed909: Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong ding dong.
rob: Keep on keep on
rob: FUZZY FELT NEWS. is this episode on YouTube?
thearmed909: Believe so
rob: Post link?
thearmed909: Think i did...will try again. Just realised i lost a guitar last night so retracing steps. Oops
thearmed909: That was intro ting i think
thearmed909: Perhaps perhaps perhaps