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Also heavily updated music player on with over 300 original tracks by Rob. Try it out! Developer note: Need to find way to merge user memberships across all three web applications
rob: Brilliant
rob: Amazing getting better all the time , I gotta fix my computers after festival season to get to work on it properly
thearmed909: It's back! Vanished back then but now reappeared...
thearmed909: Oh, i actually see it lots now. Test!
wisebro: oh yeah, using this as a placeholder. The image is an illusion. How many black dots do you see?
thearmed909: Four?
wisebro: Yeah I think its 4
wisebro: Look between the dots and 2 black dots disappear
rob: @wisebro we need to get that backend video compression thing going on cos video is gonna be a thing
wisebro: VPS Hosting is £9.99 per month. We'd need this to get video compression thing
Post to pix option coming soon. For now all messages and images posted here go to FM Community Network

Also heavily updated music player on with over 300 original tracks by Rob. Try it out! Developer note: Need to find way to merge user memberships across all three systems: and
wisebro: Thanks! Did you like the music player. Trying to make a soundcloud alternative for Rob. Like this is for facebook.
thearmed909: Fantastic, looks great+brilliant to have easy access to so many tracks. Looking forward to wifi, listening through+downloading so as to listen when no wifi available.
wisebro: cool. Working on phpdolphin at the moment sorry for any downtime.
wisebro: All mp3s seem to be working now.
wisebro: Post to pix option now added. Also now posts with correct username! Thinking of adding a feed for all posts ie not just the general page but all posts on all pages ie the page will appear in the feed not just posts to general
wisebro: Also, just changed the 3 post to pix posts from phpdolphin that were appearing as posted by rob - to the correct username ie from 'rob' to 'thearmed909' sorry for any confusion!
rob: Great work
rob: This page now functions as a production record for what you have done on if I were to give you a reference I would direct them here
wisebro: Hi Rob. Thanks. You can also see
wisebro: I think what most companies look for it a Guthub account
Culled the spam acccounts now have a google captcha "I am not a robot" for new users
thearmed909: I am a robot so perhaps need banning
wisebro: Yes but your a good robot. Hope I didn't delete any human accounts.
rob: Haha, nice one
rob: Yup, I would include this link To any prospective employer showing what you can do adapting and improving an existing system like dolphin to building pix hand coded php sql bespoke from scratch to order... #wouldbegoodif that link above was or, cooler, Also, if we could link to a comment like this as a separate page this could be my reference for you, for example
Similar to a mixtape Rob made for me when I was about 10 years old (about 25 years ago around 1991/2)
rob: Need data
thearmed909: Over+out!
rob: Cool
rob: I think posting problem happens when connection slow. I feel like pix p is more tolerant of flaky connection. I could be wrong. Its just a feeling
thearmed909: Seems to work faster by rubbing hand before+then during posting
wisebro: possibly, phpdolphin uses ajax. How is it working now guys?
wisebro: I'll have a look in the console if it is pausing on a post or login to diagnose the problem. I fixed a couple of things in the beginning where it pausing on login and posts. Hows it working now. Any problems?
wisebro: Pix is a bit more clunky but seems to be a bit more stable, it uses mainly page refreshes where as phpdolphin uses ajax which doesn't require page refreshes but seems a bit more unstable compared to old school php. Ajax is the future and usually very reliable
wisebro: cool video. Reminds me of Digital Arts days at uni
found google result of my pix developer blog when searching for "phpsound and playlist" came up on first page. I only created that blog a couple of days ago.
rob: brilliant, the blog will attract work - think i messed up the frontpage
wisebro: just needs a bit of layout and typography i think. Think about what you want for it. Could try and do some nice non flash animation on the page
wisebro: make it a bit art. I could practice my javascript animation. Come up with some sort of retro theme. Like retro tv or radio. Or old computer style
wisebro: like a flickering image or something
wisebro: keep the momentum of the site going. time for a redesign...the old one was good i like your original. have a look at the waybackmachine. This was your first design. you wanted something interactive.
wisebro: with tanks girl and yoda
wisebro: hows the redesign @rob

wanted to do this for ages, did something similar 5-10 years ago, looks like its done now
rob: put music in the music group if you can. this is cool though
wisebro: moved to music group, meant to put it there but forgot to select group first.