Culled the spam acccounts now have a google captcha "I am not a robot" for new users
thearmed909: I am a robot so perhaps need banning
wisebro: Yes but your a good robot. Hope I didn't delete any human accounts.
wisebro: Now everyone on the network is automatically friends. Including youself untill i figure out how to fix that. No need to add as friend to message or view wall. Lets be friends!
Similar to a mixtape Rob made for me when I was about 10 years old (about 25 years ago around 1991/2)
rob: Need data
thearmed909: Over+out!
rob: Cool
rob: I think posting problem happens when connection slow. I feel like pix p is more tolerant of flaky connection. I could be wrong. Its just a feeling
thearmed909: Seems to work faster by rubbing hand before+then during posting
wisebro: possibly, phpdolphin uses ajax. How is it working now guys?
wisebro: I'll have a look in the console if it is pausing on a post or login to diagnose the problem. I fixed a couple of things in the beginning where it pausing on login and posts. Hows it working now. Any problems?
wisebro: Pix is a bit more clunky but seems to be a bit more stable, it uses mainly page refreshes where as phpdolphin uses ajax which doesn't require page refreshes but seems a bit more unstable compared to old school php. Ajax is the future and usually very reliable
wisebro: cool video. Reminds me of Digital Arts days at uni
found google result of my pix developer blog when searching for "phpsound and playlist" came up on first page. I only created that blog a couple of days ago.
rob: brilliant, the blog will attract work - think i messed up the frontpage
wisebro: just needs a bit of layout and typography i think. Think about what you want for it. Could try and do some nice non flash animation on the page
wisebro: make it a bit art. I could practice my javascript animation. Come up with some sort of retro theme. Like retro tv or radio. Or old computer style
wisebro: like a flickering image or something
wisebro: keep the momentum of the site going. time for a redesign...the old one was good i like your original. have a look at the waybackmachine. This was your first design. you wanted something interactive.
wisebro: with tanks girl and yoda
wisebro: hows the redesign @rob

wanted to do this for ages, did something similar 5-10 years ago, looks like its done now
rob: put music in the music group if you can. this is cool though
wisebro: moved to music group, meant to put it there but forgot to select group first.
wisebro: my old friend Shaun (DJ Newborn) made this drawing of me
rob: Interesting to be able to bring up two feeds. Choice. Much subtlety can be exercised in how the feed is organised
rob: Did you see @wisebro ... All @'s should appear at the top of your feed if they've got your name on. More direct than notifications. Perhaps that white rub logo brings up this feed and a black one on the right could bring up the pix frame under the top control bar?
wisebro: sounds like a good idea
wisebro: or just a menu with |pix| |phpdolphin| |phpsound
wisebro: integrate |pix| with phpdolphin
wisebro: i fixed the login by the way for phpdolphin and /pix permanent login should be more reliable now
wisebro: or try pulling the feed from /pix to /phpdolphin
wisebro: its really difficult for me to hack phpdolphin and phpsound requires quite a lot of coding knowledge, it's broken up in to lots of classes, functions, requests. Its a headache to hack. With some coding knowledge I should be able to figure it out