never did get to grips with general relativity


to sleep perchance to dream yourself into the eternal scream

rupert murdoch getting done for tax evasion was like al capone getting done for phone hacking, i'll come get you from the afterlife, scream all you like, nobody can hear, judgement day draws near

listening to:
vinyl:Sly and the family stone; "If You Want Me To Stay"

My Weight: "Remember to eat, remember to eat"

The Bible, PHP/SQL coding stuff, "THE REBEL GIRL" by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

speaking of judgement day what a flipping dissappointment 2012 was, that's what Dr.Why called it "the year of the disappointment" of course its not december 21st/23rd yet and hey, maybe the earth will flip off it's axis, the far more exciting global awakening/enlightenment possibility looks like it's definately off but Kelfin said we've got til dec.21st 2013 on that, Kenny Rainbow and Venus are both looking at 2015 since at least 2008

ran into phoenix the other day, had his boat parked up near my home, typical stupid mission chasing smoke but was good to see the old bastad again, he said, "years ago, the rub said to me, 'Phoenix, you know what the worst possible thing that could happen in 2012? nothing'"

well? what happened? what couldve happened? what did the rub do...?

"when it comes to thinkin about anything about my baby i aint got time for nothing else"
(turned Marvin over innit)

that and "The Proof Of The Existence Of God", Sidney's kettle powered soundsystem and the ongoing "i'm not mad" attempt to defeat Manic Depression once and for all following the diagnosis by the "Peace Not War Collective" in 2008/9 which was the main reason why i couldnt bring it for these great years of revolution, apart from the perpetual Romantic Disaster, obviously...

my excuses are all on

Freedom to all