how you tell the story tells how your tale is told
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"i shall not stint in detail to avoid debates with smatterers"

ok, so, what sort of history you after?

metahistory, my father said, i always taught all my sons, Gambatista Vico "the greatest historian of all time" said it is an amatuer historians mistake to apply current morality to historical situations without regard to the fact morality itself is an evolving thing and these very naive judgements people make on history weaken their ability to get a true grasp of what actually happened and also displays a disllusion about absolute morality and one's own judgement being mistaken for an eternal statement of obvious fact

see my dad was born 1919 and fought dunkirk in ww2, he also ....

when i put the heading down i was thinking


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- but history is a big word but my dad wasn't a historian he was primally a moral philosopher, i am niether

movement history:

do you know what happened on february 15th 2003?

yes or no

my interest in "history" actt
my interest in philsophy primarily is only insofar as it pertains to revolutionary philosophy and technique, "if you know your history you will know where you're coming from"

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ok then we gotta talk pre-biblical a bit and enter the bible problems if we gonna get deep black power movement history civil rights womens struggles and also - and really starting for the modern era looking 400 years 1660 to 2060 the british period that gets its arse soundly spanked in the modern telling of the story however your prejudgement may depend on a projected outcome that is not necassarily to be... the future is unfixed


land enclosure acts - owo


britain the inventor - germany the engineer - america mass production and sales

so PRIOR to all this was the PROTESTANT revolution before the word revolution was invented cromwell had a CIVIL WAR

THE word "dissident" is originally a rebel in RELIGION

but the british peasants were revolting BEFORE martin luther nailed his 92 thesis to the door of the church at whittenburg

and Wycliffe was probably the original academic monk religious merlin gandalf started the whole thing off feller - and inbetween, 300 years of industrial slavery, where the human commodity was bulk shipped like iron ore ore animals, the railways, america, london - the canals - the pre rail industrial revolution, fully active until the 19th centruy and still is where all the tech solutions lie - fuck fakebook, what you got to say? share if u care aint nobody there, when im talking to myself im a danger beware!! hello