Con Cider This Young Merlin O.

In Spired Is.
In Sight
Of This Calculation Abacus.
Add Up This.
And Weave De Knot.
And Bind De Tryst.
Equate This
To Sin Is Not.
A Miss

For Practice Makes Perfect.
As Nature Show.
Maturity In Surity.
In Formation Will Grow.
Wee Reap As Wee Sow.

Balance This Equation.

As Well As Wee Are.
Abundantly Fertile
Re Productive
Means Of Production.

Da Written Word.
In Spires Revelation.
Infinity With In.
Eternities Imagination

Over Flowing Chalice Channels.
Visions Of A Humble Palace.

Beyond Dualities
Cruelties Malice

True Looking Glass.
Down Rabbit Hole.
To Wonder
Land Like Alice.

Black Whole Vortex.
Hunab Ku
Of Milky Way.

His Story Now Just Fades Away.

Wee Live Each Day In Destiny.
All Bound In One.
Whole Family Of Ancestry.

Returning Home In Harmony.
True Peace In Love Is.
My Story

Each Moment
Now Is All.

In Spires
De Sires
Re Choirs


Release Control.
Is Hu Man Free.
To Live
In Change
Or Chains
Or Slavery

In Spiral Soul.
Syn Crow Nicity.

Bee Comes Warm Breeze.
Grace Full
Serendipities Seas

Un Seen De Spirit World So Wise.
Wears Out Side World In Dis Guise.

In Strange Ways Met.
By Change By Chance.

No Safe Ways Bet.
Takes Two To Dance.

Wee Meet On Streets.

In Fields Of Wheat.
Hill Grazed By Sheep.
As People Sleep.

Tender Tended Still.
By Little Bow Peep.

Un Weaving Spells.
Of Deaths Nine Hells.

Witch Keeps De Sheep.
A Sleep
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Kelfin Oberon · Top Commenter · Director at Prophetic poetic publications
Re Enter
Da Matrix

Show De Style Of How.
To Play Tricks.
See The Cup That Holds De Way.
To Pay Tricks.
Greet De One.
Who Shows De Way.
To Make It.

Be De Light That Shines.
De Ever Loving.

That Serves De Dark.
To Light De Sparks.
Ignite De Parts.
Full Fill De Hearts.
Until Life Starts.

To Grow True.
Da Foggy Dew.

Grass Glint Rain Bow.
Faerie Dust

Re Turn To Land.
Wee Surely Must.
Re Turn To Serve.
Da Lovers Lust.

Da Childrens Trust.
To Come To Birth.
In Flesh Of Earth.

To Sing.
In Truth.
In Joy.
In Mirth.

To Dig The Root.
Deep Down In Ground.

With Strong Stem Breathing.
In The Sound.

And Leaves That Flutter.
Blown A Round.

And Rose Bud Chakras.
Rain Bow Proud.

Re Lease Love Blossom.
Pure Pro Found.

Da Flowering Opening.
Funneling Flow
Expanding Love
Like Feelings Flow.

Re Lease The Mind.
So One May Know.

There’s No Where Else.
To Ever Go.

So Take It Easy.
Let Life Slow.

River Meet The Sea.
And Sow Wee Row.
And Sow Shee Show.

De Planets Round As One.
Wee Know
Wee Are De Stars On Earth.
Wee Glow
Until These Embers Burning Bright.
Wee Blow

Until De Flames.
Rise Up From Shame.

Re Lease De Sparks.
Ignite De Hearts.
Full Filling
Shining Being Of Love.

Embody Tantrix Guide.
Expand And Feel In Side.

There Truly Is.
No Where To Hide.

Let Go Of False Hood.
Fear And Pride.

Re Lease The Ties.
That Bind De Bride.

Reveal De Spells.
Of Those That Lied.

When His Tree Fell.
De Roots Had Died.
Struck By Lightning.
Burned And Fried.

Rise Up Now.

Brides Christ Child.

Re Lease All Nature.
Growing Wild

Un Do The Cost.
Of Brutal Babel’s Child.

As Faeries Rise.
From Under Ground.
Singing Songs Of Love.
And Playing Sacred Sound.
And Dancing Circle Music.
All Ways Round And Round.

Re Turning True To Show.
Wee Are De Only Way To Grow.
As Wee Reap Is.
As Wee Sow.

Wee Live Eternally And So.
Wee Live Beyond De Bounds.
Of Time And Space.

Of Hu Man Race.
In Such Dis Grace.

Who Wrecks This Place.

Look Truly Now.
For Just In Case.

It’s You And Me.

Who Wrecks This Place.

In Such Dis Grace.
Wee Hu Man Race.

Look Truly Now.
For Just In Case.

It’s You And Me.

That Hold De Key.
Un Lock De Clocks.
That Alter Time.
And Raise De Standard.
To Life Sublime.

To Heal The Hurt.
And Clean De Slime.

And Write Di Verse.
And Speak.
In Riddle ‘n’ Rhyme.

Perceive The Clues.
To Solve The Crime.

And Step By Step By Step.
Jacobs Ladder Climb.
Climb High Enough.
To See All In All In All.
Is Finally Fully Fine.

Achieve De Top Most.
Top Pest Top.

To See All.
Know Ledge.

Still Is Knot.

De End Most Ending.
Of It All.

De Highest Height.
To Death Shall Fall.

Til De Child In One.
Is De Child In All.

De Sacred Truths.
Of Blessed Youths.

Plant Stars Light.
Down Deep In Roots.

Star Seeds That Grow.
And All Ways Know.
Living Life Long.

Beauty Show

De Way
To Witch
In Light End! GO!

For LOVE Will Kill.
What Is Not LOVE.

Re Birthing Spirit Angel Dove.

Each Child Re Born To.
Those Whose Love Light.
Shining True n True.

Will Birth All Babies.
13 Billion.
Rain Bows Hue.
When Wee Are Home.
In Hunab Ku.
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Kelfin Oberon · Top Commenter · Director at Prophetic poetic publications ~ click the link and play the muzik on the the page that opens up.

relative ~ all one blud.
Rob the Rub a dub the Du de.

I trust in Love.
I doubt the validity of fear.

The blueprint of transformation

The conceptual / actual / visualisation / blueprint for how the British Empire and World Government Control System can transform into Western Wisdom Grail Tradition of Nobility in Action Serving All Life True Creative Freedom of Spirit u All expression.

It’s important now to recognise that All the injustices of the Past needs must be For Given True Remembering and Rebalancing in the Now Here Moment of Evolutionary Transformation, in One’s own personal Life – to be Reflected and Catalysed by the World around Us.

Swift Synopsis of Historical President:
How The People Of Ireland Reclaimed Her De Vine Land.

Reclaim the Language ( Land Guage – Measure of de Land ).
Create Unique Communication System.
Create Unique Distribution System.
Create Own Community Councils of Court for Agreeing Consensus Decisions.
Create Local Community Education Centres – to draw out what is within.
Remember the Native Indigenous Wisdom of the Nature of the Land.
Remember that the Government System Ruling Our Country is an Alien Empire, which is Destroying Our Country.
Remember De Goddess Holds All Life and Death Is Not De End.
Remember All Life Is A Gift and Love Is All Ways Pre Sent.

De Uni Verse Has A Habit Of Self
Healing From De In Side Out.
Dreams Are How Anarchy Is Organised.
In Believe there is a Lie
So I’d rather be Live ly
I am All in All I am.
All Ways Remember
Make No Apologies
For Who And What You Are
Is Personal and Unique
In Every Way
De Vine Ly Blessed
Angel Flesh.
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The Source of Learning intuition.
Listen for the Source of silence.
The Outer World is a dream.
a collective constuct ion.
The outside leads away from within.
away towards illusion.
To spend time trying.
to make sense of dreams.
is to dedicate the.
waking mind to memory.
of perceptions which.
have no Real presence.

I am learning to shift perception.
from outer time space to inner knowledge of heaveN/.

as a teenager I developed.
self awareness that.
I did not fit in.
My self-image was made from interpretation.
of what the World told me.

I inherited no social status.
symbols from my parents.
outer appearances.
We were poor and ignorant.
The world was harsh.
towards a sensitive soul.
"and I caught and cast adrift.
in worldly seas of turmoil,
I cast for my vision as a fisherman his net,
webs of creation.
sprang forth, unfurled and revealed.
a new domain.
of multidimensions
Apocalypse screaming

The End of Time... "

"Unmanifest visions
manifesting reality
Living in Heaven.
on our sacred Earth..."


"you see what you believe is there;.
and you believe it there because you want it there" ACIM P.523 1.3.
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potentially groundbreaking
accident this
souncloud underlapping
dis utube,

remix ONE:
klik souncloud song
count to 3! 1, 2, 3
hit play on
the video and go
fullscreen and now
locate the volume
control on the youtoob
and mix THREE faery tales!