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music has been the main part of my adult life so seems a sensible heading. soundcloud listed by artisthours of stuff on soundcloud badly organised attempting to organise here, same as the 23 myspace scenario, shoulda stuck to my site and never bothered enterering their realm cos archiving is a nightmare now thats gonna take ages but dont wanna talk techhie rubbish when discussing MUSIC THE LOVE OF MY LIFE APOLOGIES TO MY WIFE I DID ALWAYS Say even when being ratherforcefully courted IM MARRIED TO THE MUSIC - that appears in united vibrations song today is the only day let me play that here, anyway on this page hope discuss the deeper spiritual significance of music, the magic, the mathematics, the feeling the revolutionary political and rallying potential and community jams n gigs n raves and freeparties gotta get linked up hereMiddle Stuff

so where's the menu ?alphabetical TRACK BY TRACK soundcloud listing gonna start trying to organise.www.rub.fm.soundclouds.

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