rob: Interesting to be able to bring up two feeds. Choice. Much subtlety can be exercised in how the feed is organised
rob: Did you see @wisebro ... All @'s should appear at the top of your feed if they've got your name on. More direct than notifications. Perhaps that white rub logo brings up this feed and a black one on the right could bring up the pix frame under the top control bar?
wisebro: sounds like a good idea
wisebro: or just a menu with |pix| |phpdolphin| |phpsound
wisebro: integrate |pix| with phpdolphin
wisebro: i fixed the login by the way for phpdolphin and /pix permanent login should be more reliable now
wisebro: or try pulling the feed from /pix to /phpdolphin
wisebro: its really difficult for me to hack phpdolphin and phpsound requires quite a lot of coding knowledge, it's broken up in to lots of classes, functions, requests. Its a headache to hack. With some coding knowledge I should be able to figure it out