I think #hashtag is good enough. To quote "Wow this is fully featured isnt it?..." hashtags pages everything. It's brilliant, we can still add a lot more. It would be good if you could have a list of users instead of having to log out to see recent users or search. Make it more of a community than a social network. Like tumblr. #itwouldbegoodif
rob: Wow
rob: Yeah community yeah
wisebro: hastag in comments would just confuse things. IT would be good if you can...Tag photos and makecomments on individual photos. I just realised there a few plugins for this script made my the maker. SEE:
wisebro: useful features such as url parser/link preview and media player - it also works with php sound, so you can play your tracks from sound on dolphin
wisebro: It would be good if...I joined the user tables from phpdolphin and phpsound
wisebro: it would be good if we could have a page that lists users and pages instead of search
wisebro: it would be good if the search searched for hashtags people and groups in one click instead of searching via ! and # or clicking after the search on people hashtags or groups. Display them all and then those options can filter.
wisebro: it would be good if we... installed some plugins for php dolphin see
wisebro: it would be good if.. we used the three finger and thumb rub logo instead of dolphin...although looks good as a dolphin with camo effect, reminds me of us navy seals
wisebro: it would be good if...we linked all the user tables from and even or just pix and shoutbox together and phpdolphin and phpshound together
wisebro: Media share plugin. $10 from codecanyon This embeds phpsound tracks to phpdolphin can play directly from dolphin. This replaces phpSound Plugin for phpDolphin. Has extra features. also URL Parser Plugin for phpDolphin. $10 from codecanyon
wisebro: I don't know how good the url parser is. Probably not as good as I think it takes a screenshot of the whole webpage, whereas the function I made for pix pull out data. It's nicely formatted like the facebook one though.
rob: Bespoke always better. Paying for bits of code before we paid for dolphin license? Good if db linked with pix too make pix account from dolphin data?
wisebro: Hi rob, yeah I'm starting to think this is the most important thing now as well as playlists and notifications. It is more fun when it is social, thats why phpdolphin is more popular than phpsound. Not much community in phpsound. We should have an option for artists to open account and use it as a kind of promotional website for themselves. is my profile that has all the tools to promote myself