Breaking News:
The Mirror has secretly obtained a stool sample of Jeremy Corbyn's and after independent testing in very strict laboratory conditions with people wearing white coats and those plastic goggle things, they can categorically confirm, It does NOT smell.
Labour revealed it's proposals today to enforce mandatory Hokey Cokey sessions before parliament sits EVERY day. MP'S who refuse will suffer sanctions from their TEA allowance.
The Welsh have found life on Mars and I work for MI5, the conspiracy...
wisebro: "Rob the rub is actually an agent for MI5" Like that bit
rob: Be good if main users appeared instead of that list of faceless boxes at the bottom
wisebro: Hi Rob I've changed the welcome main users bit to show only people with profile pictures. Also got rid of the spam accounts. The best way to do it would be to have a minds style point system with the people with the most posts to appear at the top. Points system a good idea
The truth has a way of slowly
Pushing its head
To the top
Like a daisy
That pops out
Thriving through cracked concrete
One flower's worth of truth
Is a match
For a whole road
Of toxic tarmac.
@wisebro this is the DAVID BLAINE one
spacegirl001: He still might marry me if I can just get him to notice me