11cm by 18cm, thought it looked like a fit, hmmm
thearmed909: Aah, so close, still potential
rob: Google phoenix rainbow 23 the BBC seems to be reading the guardian as the source for its political bias
thearmed909: The sun is bright enough today to see Eileen's interior for a few hours at least though my folks are visiting so i must strike whilst the iron's hot so to speak
rob: Is that a hint about 12v lighting, I meant on the BBC or fakebook, having withdrawal symptoms on new Web restrictions I've made for myself, this is my only social media
thearmed909: no hint no, just the way it is.
thearmed909: i've come to appreciate the lack of electricity as it means my head gets less fried, manic periods are more restricted and my sleep increases. plus it's burner time now which is a whole new glow within.
Anything interesting on the MSSM?
(Mainstream Social Media)
thearmed909: Erm, FFkN!
rob: Fuzzy Felt News! More! Everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for the new episode to drop