Breaking News:
The Mirror has secretly obtained a stool sample of Jeremy Corbyn's and after independent testing in very strict laboratory conditions with people wearing white coats and those plastic goggle things, they can categorically confirm, It does NOT smell.
rob: Hit by a rhythm stick recently? You might be entitled to a personal Ian Dury claim!!
Labour revealed it's proposals today to enforce mandatory Hokey Cokey sessions before parliament sits EVERY day. MP'S who refuse will suffer sanctions from their TEA allowance.
rob: Don't laugh, a unit of fifty clandestine insurgent rebel clown army (C.I.R.C.A) saw off two hundred Welsh riot police with the hokey cokey, in Scotland, because they didn't think George Bush should be allowed to play golf in Scotland. Blinking anarchists, bunch of clowns if you ask me... It's true, that's the worst thing about it!!!
rob: "The best Prime Minister we never had...", That's what they used to say about Mr. Wedgwood Anthony Benn.
The truth has a way of slowly
Pushing its head
To the top
Like a daisy
That pops out
Thriving through cracked concrete
One flower's worth of truth
Is a match
For a whole road
Of toxic tarmac.
rob: A lot of work getting all that truth down the memory hole you know, dunno
A Labour spokesperson warned the government today that if the weather carries on being so nice we may have a Prosecco shortage on our hands forcing us to import it from somewhere (is it French or Italian?) in Europe. This may prove troublesome after a hard Brexit.
rob: Hahahahaha hahaha
rob: Funky
Hope the gig goes well tonight
rob: hey, nice one star! thanx! was a banger
spacegirl001: Look forward to hearing of all your gigs this year and I hope I can make one
rob: Post us some stuff here?