rob: Beautiful strange and unsettling, again, full of meaning I don't understand, it feels again
Where I take my lunch break walk everyday.
The Grey Monk: And a UFO? Probably just a falling leaf.
rob: Definitely a UFO
rob: Ah ha we have a mystic on our hands!
The Grey Monk: I'm fascinated by magic and the supernatural, but can't bring myself to believe any of it. Still, cool painting.
California wants to be a "sanctuary state."
rob: Ha, didn't see this... U in favour or opposed?
The Grey Monk: I find I've become a despicable nationalist strongly opposed to immigration. So, yeah, you could say I'm opposed.
rob: It's the politics of usurping the local population for votes I find abhorrent. British Muslims voting left wing because they see conservatives as their enemies when same Muslims are patriarchal homophobes more right wing in BELIEF than our tories supported BY THE LEFT WING whose beliefs are completely opposite but they'll import more to drown the vote of the people. The left hypocritically shouting racism at everything really has driven me to the right
rob: Circuit diagrams? Looks interesting, what is?
The Grey Monk: Sigils. Magic nonsense.
rob: Magic. Looks too detailed to be nonsense
rob: What is a Sigil?
The Grey Monk: A supposedly magic symbol or talisman used in rituals. They go back in occult literature to Solomon or further. I don't believe in magic, but I like the art.