rob: Original? Self portrait?
The Grey Monk: Yeah. It's my phone's Samsung painting app.
rob: Spaceship!! Looks like the one Kenny Rainbow saw...
rob: How?
The Grey Monk: -Junk food and sci-fi -Copious alcohol -Quilting -Sex orgies -Adopt a dog
rob: Not the taj mahal
The Grey Monk: My backyard. Be it ever so humble...
rob: You wish, hahaha
The Grey Monk: On weekends I dress up like a raja and stroll the gardens with my four favorite wives and my pet tiger.
The Grey Monk: Haha! I tried to like your comment and accidentally reported it.
rob: Oh cool, didn't know you could do that, let me see if I can ban myself
rob: Taking more than four at a time could be too hectic
The Grey Monk: That's why I also bring the tiger.
rob: Water, reflection... Real? Not photoshop? Looks totally surreal
The Grey Monk: It's a painting. I just liked it because I didn't know if it made me feel creepy or safe.
rob: Sense of a journey yet to happen
The Grey Monk: I'll bet a bog witch lives in there. Or Barney the Dinosaur.
rob: What does it mean?
rob: The Queen of black rabbits, very surreal, where from this image? Beautiful